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Skate Stoppers

Skate stoppers from RAM Fabrication Signs forbidding simply don’t cut it!! 

Skate Stoppers are specially designed brackets that deter unwanted skateboarding/biking by eliminating the long, smooth edges that skaters and bikers seek out. In effect, they are protective speed bumps for your walls, handrails, and curbs. 

Skate stoppers discourage skaters from practicing tricks or stunts known as grinds on curbs, benches, and ledges. Having skate stoppers installed can save you exorbitant repair and even replacement fees especially for granite and marble slabs, which are common but expensive building material surfaces. Property owners who sustain damage on their granite surfaces etc can literally spend tens of thousands of dollars in replacement costs. 

Apart from protecting your property, you are also protecting the skater invaders from possible injury. Think of RAM Fabrication’s skate stoppers as an investment that benefits and protects your local community as well.

Why you should choose RAM Fabrication

RAM Fabrication has been in the metal fabrication business for many years now and we have a loyal customer base. Our satisfied customers attest to the quality of our products, and the level of service that we provide. We use only materials of the highest grade in manufacturing our skate stoppers and other products. We never cut corners in the delivery of your projects and ensure every project is completed on time and to exact specifications.

We specialise in working with stainless steel, steel, aluminium, and some exotic metals, and customising them according to your needs. We also offer a mobile welding service. We are a family owned and operated business, and we employ the most skilled and highly trained welders. We can provide a quotation based on a sketch, architectural drawing, or photograph.

Don't spend another dollar in cleanup or repair, and don't start another construction project soon to be earmarked as the next skate park until you’ve spoken to the team at RAM Fabrication.

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