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Other Custom works 2017

Blue Gum Community Centre

Through Landscaping business “Sheoaks Landscaping”, RAM Fabrication was contracted to supply, manufacture and install Stainless Steel entrance handrails.

A custom-made steel and mode wood gate was also installed to hide the bins in an enclosed area.
The Blue Gum Community Centre is located in Brentwood in Perth’s south and is home to the Blue gum tennis club and local community centre. It is owned and run by the City of Melville.

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ANZ – Perth

Through builder, Neale Pearce, RAM Fabrication was contracted to supply, manufacture and install Stainless Steel stair handrails.
This job had its own challengers as the ANZ branch is located in the mall in Perth’s CBD so works were carried out after hours and handrails were carried through the mall to be installed.
The RAM boys are always up for challenge and this job was both rewarding and a success.
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Shopping Centre works:

  • Dan Murphy’s Secret Harbour – bike racks and steel pressings over pipe work
  • Riverton Forum mobile welding and trolley bays
  • Belmont Forum trolley bays

Hospitality Metal Works:

  • Broody Hen Cafe, Fremantle – Stainless Steel benches and Aluminium Vertical garden
  • Oscars and Olives Café, Mt Pleasant – Custom made pasta baskets /pots for individual serves of pasta
  • Grill’d, Leederville – RAM Fabrication undertook mobile welding works to table legs in this popular Leederville burger bar.
  • Pocino’s Café, Myaree - RAM Fabrication undertook stainless steel mobile welding works to for this café in a shopping area along North Lake Road, Myaree.

Photos of Broody Hen Cafe:

Photos of Oscar's Cafe: