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RAM Fabrication specialises in working with metals such as stainless steel – to a highly polished mirror finish or a velvety brushed finish, mild steel – either painted or galvanised, aluminium – including powder coating or other finishes, brass, chrome and other metals.

RAM Fabrication has specific ‘bays’ allocated to ensure there is no cross contamination between metals such as stainless steel and steel.

We work with glaziers, electricians, timber specialists and other trades to get the desired result for those customers wanting to integrate metal with other materials.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is more of a luxurious metal and is usually seen in foyers of buildings, on boats or for premium hand railing. We have in-house polishing capabilities to make the final product look as special as possible. Finishes include a brushed or linished feel or highly polished to a mirror finish.

Although more expensive than the other metals, stainless steel gives that “wow” factor whenever you see it.
Stainless steel is said to be 'stain less'. There are grades 316 mainly used in the marine industry or for any outdoor applications near the coast, or grade 304 which is cheaper and used indoors or away from coastal areas where corrosion might occur.

Stainless steel can be electo-polished or pickled to give it a longer corrosion resistant life.

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Aluminium is used in many applications, but mainly for light weight appeal. Finishes include either powder-coated to a variety of colours or anodised.

Although not the strongest of metals, it can be framed by steel to give it strength. It is corrosion resistant which makes it ideal in balustrades, boat ladders and other boating components. Other products include covers and hatches where they have to be lifted manually, and cladding for trailers which makes it easier to tow and reduces fuel consumption.

The metal is extremely versatile and it can be curved, tapered, welded, bonded and cut to any shape to be used for a certain job.
Ask us which material we recommend for your chosen project.


Steel, although heavier than aluminium, is very strong and is used everywhere we look. It is often used for structural reasons and also aesthetic reasons.  We use it in the construction industry, automotive and for trailer frames.

It can be painted or hot dipped galvanised to reduce rusting.  It is one of the cheaper metals on the market to use and can be used in a wide range of applications.

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brassDo you want a different look? Brass can be used in handrails to give that special look. It can be bent and curved and looks great with black steel (or wrought iron). Customers often use brass to match with gold trimmings in their house or to aid in a federation or heritage style.

Ask us which material we recommend for your chosen project.