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Consulting Service

Have you wondered if what you are proposing will actually work in its every-day application?
Can this really be built? Is it realistic?
Do you need some real-world, useful advice?

In the field of Architectural Metal Work, builders, architects and clients often ask us for advice on the practical aspects of new builds.
Senior staff at RAM Fabrication have in excess of 25 years experience both in manufacturing and on-site works. This knowledge combined with practical know-how can be invaluable during the design phase of a building.
Getting us on board in the planning and design phase of a project can save the client both time and money.
We can offer advice such as:

  • Alternative solutions
  • Fit-for-purpose assistance
  • Foresee pitfalls
  • Innovative ideas
  • Problem fixes
  • Value Engineering
  • Workable resolve

Don’t wait until it is too late!
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